Private Money Secrets with Keith Yackey
Private Money Secrets with Keith Yackey
Private Money Secrets is for real estate investors looking to raise private money for their deals. Having done over 700 flips, owned 300 rentals and raise near 50 million dollars Keith Yackey divulges the goods to help you raise more private money as well. We all know a vehicle needs gas to run. Your real estate investing business is no different. Cash, or private money, is that gas. No fluff or filler, all real actionable content caressing your ear drums with the sweet smooth sound of how to make more sexy Cashola in your investing business. Enjoy!
092: You're Not an Action Taker
by Keith Yackey

The title of 'action taker' is a noble position.

Yet, most of us don't actually take action. And the lack of follow through effects everything in your life.

So, how to we fix this? Let's discuss.


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