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Discover how to immediately position yourself as the ‘go to’ expert in your industry so that when your customers think of your niche, you are top of mind.

Have you Ever Wondered ‘What Is My Calling’ and ‘What Am I Born To Do’?

Why Keith Yackey?

Success without Joy is failure in Keith’s eyes, so with that end he shares and serves others to truly share their story and the story of their business to be positioned as the ‘Go To’ person in your industry. People relate to stories and Keith wants to show you how to tell and share yours better so people relate to you and get behind what you are doing.

People who have worked with Keith…

“Keith is one of the most warm and caring human beings you will meet, if you are thinking of working with him I highly recommend it”

Megan Smith Gill

Author of "Give A Shift"

“In talking with Keith for just one hour it benefitted my company in terms of profit multiple six figures immediately. I’m blow away by his knowledge and the heart that he has and I highly, highly recommend learning from him.”

Dr. Isaac Jones

“Keith is the Real Deal, His superpower is how much he genuinely cares about people and their lives.”

Diane Mayor

To work with Keith in a coaching relationship simply schedule a time for a quick call and fill out our quick application.

We will review to see if it is a good fit and will set up a call with you from there.